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We stayed at the Face Suites Hotel on the 45th floor!
A convenient place to stay at when exploring the capital


It was easy to understand the signs but we wanted to take an unplanned discovery walk


A bartender told us where to go for the best foot massage in the neigborhood the Tropical Spa Bukit Bintang


After the foot massage we had a late but delicious hawker lunch on the famous food street Jalan Alor


Me on the way up for a stroll on the double-decker skybridge connecting the two Petronas Tower
My dear husband suffers from vertigo so as usual he stayed on the ground looking up


and me looking down trying to find him in the Kuala Lumpur City Center Park but I could not spot him


maybe he was here? at the fountain in front of the entrance to the towers?


Kuala Lumpur a mixture of small houses and skyscrapers


By taking one more elevator up I was now on the 86th floor, 370 metres above the ground
and could get a nice view of the top


Next day we took a "teksi" to the Mövenpick hotel close to the airport because
of the very early departure to Brunei the following day and this hotel offers free shuttle bus to the airport


The hotel is very nice but the surrounding is boring


only this huge Mosque owned by Sultan Abdul Samad which you are allowed to visit (covered of course!)
but no photographing. This took about 15 minutes to explore


The garden of the hotel is nice but it was very humid and hot outside so we decided to go inside
and have a glass of cold refreshing wine or a cold beer, that would be nice!


Dissapointed we went outside again and said hello to the garderners because it turned out that this, which
we thought should be an european inspired hotel was a muslim friendly hotel and did not serve alcohol
nore bacon. We tried their fish&chips instead in the evening but it was a disaster!


It is a very nicely architectual hotel with friendly staff but the poorly food and the dull atmosphere
took away much of our happy spirit. Lucky we only stayed one night!


Next day off to Brunei and we did not forget to fill out our liquor forms!

   Arrival in Kuala Lumpur   Brunei   Sandakan   Langkawi   Departure Kuala Lumpur   To the top