After a long trip we all finally came together and continued our trip to Koh Chang were we stayed at the Chaipura Resort. arr fam chai apa snap
hav happ ol lun gre mrt boy bed par bao
bud mai cra fot din bea sna sud fi ut
  Three lovely days on Koh Chang, now it was time for some change! Bumpy speedboat tour to Koh Kud  
pan pil vat hus sikt fall trio wet sol fest
smi bar mal fre nat po re lu yum si
One night in Bangkok
with Li, Magnus and
exp har man tra con chi wai cro
Hans and I took a plane to Hanoi and met Miss Blue hanoi ljus mur boss mat  
One night in Hanoi and then early next morning a six hours tour with the car to Sapa for trekking and homestay
sapa rot rost ris kina vag hotel swan vi grafit
cat chan le dine hot natt fot fod love walk
trek by dogs bite pig duck sy get sleep terra
gris teras hmong dao skol sign sau bull chick buff
water band us duk od ca home stay boot kok
nr koka lagg two tal bed fog wa or ny
kos tim th fall hat sch pad up tur
multi tre skal sang may sist Three lovely days in Sapa and then it was time to go back to the civilization.
First one night in Hai Phong and the off to
Cat Ba Island
huu fam rain regn catba fer blu port kall smil
hej isl res mus lif nam both hot kim orm
lang orn eat tree park hug kurv stop take wind
oas hand unit port ro tra soup m    
  Da Nang was not so nice. Ho Ain was cosy and Furama Resort the ultimate place to stay at!  
danang fruit rum hav fur v band pro me ping
vag para nad loi long bud chua pos shoe fly
dan tiger sand bro out gata fod ich ros jonk
sol vin pol dres bif dans red music glad ror
  back mi One time in Da Nang is enough, I would go back to Furama Resort though!
After these relaxing days we flew back to Hanoi and spent some time for sightseeing with
Miss Blue, our very sweet little Vietnamese lady who showed us Vietnam from the inside.
sed cap mas hoa pris fang tren zug torn wreck
txt hut emp ele bon ly uns ear lemon prins
see tron gard gong turt gate vas rump kors chan
ris carg fris korsa veh krog we Thank you Miss Blue for a lovely time!