take usa la On the 2nd of September
we left a sunny Nice and flew to Heathrow and from there to L.A.
Waiting-time for connecting flight to Tahiti was 13 hours...
Tiresome waiting but we spent the time eating delicious sea food at the Bubba Gump!
  santa us
  After that our itinerary looked like this:  
      moorea 2 - 6 September at the Green Lodge, Moorea
One of our favourite places during the trip. The lodge is a paradise.
Everyday we had something planned like whalewatching/swimming,
a one day excursion around the island and a Heiva i Tahiti show in Tiki Village.
      huahine 6 - 9 September at the Maitai Lapita Village, Huahine
The hotel is okey for three nights and that was mainly because of all the mosquitos which was unpleasant. We had a very nice daytrip on a modern motorized canoe around the island with Poetaina Cruise
      borabora 9 - 13 September at Hilton Nui Resort & Spa, Bora Bora
An exclusive hotel with a very good spa! Sadly we had some rain but the bungalow we stayed in was so nice, so i didn't matter, we just relaxed.
The last day before take off to Tahiti we had a spectacular helicopter tour
      tahiti 13 - 15 September at Hotel Manava Suite Resort, Tahiti
The hotel is located in Punaauia alongside a dusty road which was not nice but
our room had a view over the lagoon. We had an inner island 4x4 tour just to have something to do during our wait for take off to Sydney.
      sydney 16 - 20 September Sydney and Perth
In Sydney we stayed at the Grace Hotel on the corner of York and Kings Str.
A perfect spot to be when you only have a few days to explore Sydney.
After Sydney we flew off to Perth and stayed there for only one day.
      ex 21 - 29 September Exmouth
We had the honour of staying with Maria and to explore Exmouth and surroundings through her local expertise. Unforgettable memories!
Thank You!
      hong 30 September Hong Kong
The saying is "One night in Bangkok" but we had "One day in Hong Kong"
Overwhelming experience but nothing I would like to do again.